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Am 18.10.2016 schrieb Ruth folgendes ins Gästebuch:
Wir haben die fünf Monate in Zürich sehr genossen.

Die Wohnung "Hagenholz" von CR Business Apartments können wir empfehlen.

Bei Fragen oder einem Defekt war Cristina sofort da und hat alles zu unserer Zufriedenheit gelöst. Danke für das angenehme Erlebnis.

Am 18.04.2015 schrieb Susi and Hans folgendes ins Gästebuch:
We were at the Parkside Apartment for the last 15 months and we loved it. It was well-furnished and very clean and close to public transportation. We highly recommend it to everybody. Thanks for all.

Am 27.07.2014 schrieb Martin folgendes ins Gästebuch:
Good location and very clean and well equipped. I enjoyed my stay with CR Business Apartments very much and can recommend it to everyone.

Am 04.06.2014 schrieb Clement folgendes ins Gästebuch:
I stayed more than 2 years in one of the furnished apartment and I had an amazing stay. I really felt like home! The apartment was in perfect condition and greatly furnished, I always found everything I needed. I would recommend these apartments to my friends. Cristina was very professional and always available when needed. Thanks a lot!

Am 05.10.2013 schrieb EMILIA folgendes ins Gästebuch:
I have to say that we felt like home in all 3 apartments that we rented this year,and with this occasion we would like to thank ms Cristina for her interest in keeping us so comfortable during our stay in Swiss.
I would recommend for anyone who wishes a quiet and pleasant stay in Zurich.
Thank you for making us feel like home.

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